• Bled Slovenia


    In Slovenia you can really save time and visit a lot of places in short period of time. The size of this beautiful country is certainly not the measurement of its beauty. There are so many spots you would need and endless time to visit all, you just want to enjoy forever in this untouched …

  • Gondola

    There are a lot of ways how to start this blog post for ex. The city of love or City on the water, … I am sure that you already have a hitch regarding which place content below will be, I hope you will get inspired by our time in Venice, Italy. We visited Venice …

  • Belvedere

    Wiener schnitzel

    The first story we would like to share with you is the travel blog post on one of our favourite town.
    In this story we would like to present time in beautiful capital of Austria, Vienna.
    We experienced this town in each period of the year. It was perfect in every weather, but we preferred it the most in late spring, beginning of summer. The town is spot on for weekend getaway and what is has to offer is more than any traveller would desire for when thinking how to perfectly spend free time and to create story.

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