Crafted by couples from Sweden


We are entrepreneurial, detail oriented, happy and open-minded couple from Northern Sweden, who had designed their first product, a watch. With our product, we want to show it is possible to live your own lifestyle. With our brand we want create personal legacy by sharing, learning and contributing


Since we know each other we wanted to create something of our own. Learning about brand building took time, a lot of it. The time had all the meaning, it was our bond with what we want to do in life. The only thing that could tell us when this time had come was a watch, but not just any – ours.

northbond watch packing

noir watch rose gold


northbond watch design, was inspired by minimalistic style and location where we live. The brand logo meaning by its shape is simple, north. It is our contribution to Northern Sweden.
northbond watch symbolizes the bond between you and your time. Main narrative of the brand is the story of bonding.

Let`s create a northbond story together! #northbond

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