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With our scandinavian watch design we want to show that it is possible to live your own lifestyle and create personal legacy. northbond is a story of hard work, passion and devotion.

Crafted by a couple from Sweden. We have bonded our knowledge and expertise from communications, web designing, connect writing, digital marketing, social media and others. But we have learned and experienced brand building beyond our imagination during this process.

Learning about brand building took time, a lot of it. The time had all the meaning, it was our bond with what we wanted to do in life. The only tool that could tell us when this time had come was a watch, but not just any – northbond watch.


Moments are all about how we spend them. How do we bond, with what, where, and with who? We want northbond story to be story of bonding moments. To inspire, understand and to relate to each other.

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northbond was designed with love in northern Sweden. To describe the design easily, it is a timeless minimalistic Swedish watch design with a global influence.

All of our watches have a rose gold case, buckle, lug and hands. Only the dividers in the dial are in mat grey. Watches comes with black, brown leather strap and rose gold mesh straps.

Our brand logo you will find on the dial 12 o`clock pointing to north. Inspired by location where we live. The logo meaning by its shape is simple, north. It´s our contribution to Northern Sweden.

Back case is in silver color on which you will find embossed details of watch quality features. Such as Sapphire glass, Miyota movement and 3ATM. In the middle of the back case is embossed compass, brand logo and brand name.

You can find embossment also on leather strap and all buckles.

North line collection was inspired by moments at any time day or night. In this collection you can find white and black dial, north light and night line. The lines are divided by sizes of the watches 36 mm and 40 mm of diameter. Suitable for men and woman!


We at northbond are bonded to quality!

All of watches are made with diamond cut Sapphire glass, that is 100% starch proof!

The hart of our watches is driven by quartz Miyota movement.

Cases, buckles and mesh bands are all stainless steel, coated with rose gold color.

All of other straps are made from genuine leather, with inside protection that prevent sweat and liquid to harm the strap.

The mark 3ATM water resistant stands for water repellent, so drops and low water won’t harm it.

Feel the weight of the quality!

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scandi watches


Created for moments at any time, day or night.


Big ideas and own opinion define you. Sharing and creating opportunities makes you happy. You provide, inspire and show to others where the north is. Humble attitude allows you to observe and learn how to master your time. Your strength is to achieve something bigger than yourself.


You enjoy in life and except your inner self. Independency and being truly happy does not scare you. Self-efficient was adjective that took time to achieve, now you know your north. You are working hard for your future and still are able to do more than one thing at the time. Your strength is multitasking.


When you become a proud owner of northbond watch, you will receive it in the happy box wrapping.

Our brand color palette and print are designed by a Stockholm based print designer Iwa Herdensjö.

Her work can be followed through H&M, &Other stories, Peak Performance and other recognizable names. Colors and print are speeded through northbond appearance.

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